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Back to School & Work - Summer Lunch Ideas

The ‘what’s for dinner mum?’ dreaded question is rivalled by the ‘what are you packing for my lunch mum?’. How quickly did the holidays seem to pass by and now we face reality COVID-style. An aspect of that reality is packing lunch for either yourself, partner and/or the kids on a regular basis. It can be a challenge to balance variety, nutrition and of course, taste.

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Souring Agents Used in Indian Cuisine

We all know that Indian cooking is synonymous with spice. Something that you may not know is that tartness/sourness is also a key flavour in many Indian dishes because it cuts down the pungency in spicy dishes but also serves to compliment the spices.  Whether you add your souring agent early on in preparing the dish to add complexity or towards the end to bring that element of freshness, there is no doubting that the sour sensation is one that whets the appetite and is cleverly used as a “creative tool” in many cuisines.*

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Chilli - The King of Spices & How it is used in Indian Cuisine

Chillies are said to be native to Mesoamerica (the central regions of the Americas) where they have been cultivated and used for over 7,500 years. In addition to flavouring food, chillies were also used as a means of preserving food as it would keep it from spoiling.*

As deceptive as it may seem, chillies are botanically classified as a fruit because they bear seeds. Specifically, they are classified as a berry! 

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BUTTER CHICKEN is popular in countries all over the world The origin of this dish can be traced back to Delhi during the Mughal Empire.
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