What we do

Welcome to No Worries Curries! As the name suggests, it is our mission to make the authentic, rich flavour of Indian and Asian curries accessible to the everyday cook. We love curries, so we want you to enjoy them too!

The only way to make a truly authentic and delicious curry is with the right blend of spices, but the list is often lengthy, ingredients hard to source, and the preparation process likely to take longer than your stomach can wait!
That’s where we come in – curry is ‘no worries’ when you order one our packets of carefully blended, freshly ground spice blends, each the basis of a fantastic traditional curry. Every packet comes with a simple recipe so you can bring the curry to life in your kitchen easily but without compromising on flavour.
Our range is vast, with curries suitable for all types of meat as well as purely vegetarian options. The selection is drawn from the many regions of India and beyond to offer a taste of the fabulous and rich variety of flavours that are out there. Try an old favourite or experiment with something new; there are so many to choose from!
We promise that everything we make is done so with passion – this is the food of our heritage, and we want you to unlock the secrets of delicious, authentic and honest flavours too. Our product comes second in our hearts only to YOU. We pride ourselves on infallible customer service, so keep in touch if anything ever falls below the high standards you deserve.

What we don’t do
We never compromise on quality; our spice blends are made of freshly-ground spices (we blend on demand, so fresh means fresh!). We select the highest quality ingredients we can source – these are fair trade and Australian wherever possible – and prepare them with love and attention.
We don’t believe in additives or preservatives, so our blends contain no colourings or preservatives, no added salt and no fillers like gluten. We won’t let anything contaminate the pure flavours and aromas of our spice blends, not to mention the medicinal benefits of the ingredients (read more about this on our blog).
We don’t want to profit at the detriment of the environment (the planet is more important than us!), so we minimise the packaging we use and try to source ingredients as locally as possible. Please help us by disposing of your spice blend packets thoughtfully. 

Why we do it
It all started at our cooking classes (yes food is everything to us!). We found that attendees loved learning about the curries from all the various regions of India, but struggled to recreate them at home because of the long list of herbs and spices that needed to be sourced, roasted and blended; sometimes as many as 20 different ingredients for one curry!
Help us they wailed, and we said: no worries!
In 2007, after two years of running the cookery classes, No Worries Curries came to life as an online business supplying home cooks and professionals with high quality spice blends suitable for a range of curries. The business is Australian owned and family run, underpinned by an Indian heritage and a burning passion for the food we grew up savouring. We are fuelled by a determination to ensure everyone can access the authentic flavours of curry in their own kitchen – food this good should be shared with the world. 

Share your secret and have fun
Most of our sales are through word of mouth – so tell a friend and share your secret to an easy but authentic curry.
Have fun in the kitchen (and elsewhere)
Cooking Classes 2005
We are an Australian family owned business born of requests from attendees at our cooking classes who found it all too difficult to source, store, roast and blend spices (sometimes upto 20) required for genuine Indian food.  They asked can you make it simple for us, we replied “no worries”.  
Established 2007
Following on these requests, we set out to formulate simple recipes to ensure that you  enjoy authentic dishes. This wasn't difficult as we adore spice and have fond memories of all the spice-based home remedies dished out at the first sneeze or fever back in India where a pantry doubles up as a medicine cabinet.  We draw on our tradition and offer you well honed, family recipes.  These were enjoyed at our cooking classes, where we explored the extensive range of cuisines from India's 28 States.  Our recipes are simple - you can confidently create delicious dinners even if you have never cooked a curry before.  It is our privilege to offer you authentic blends from lesser known regions of India as well - so be adventurous and try our our Malwani Chicken and Goan Xacuti.  

Social Enterprise 2014
We started off supporting a charity and have now become a one!  We have set up a Vietnamese restaurant, HAPPY LANTERNS at 99 Snell Grove, Oak Park, Victoria.  It is run by our 2 young trainee chefs, Anh and Zim (originally from Hanoi).  We have of course not been able to do this on our own.  
Our thanks go to:
Ian Wilson, a one-time restaurateur and now an architect, for assisting with the layout and logistics and also for advising our young chefs.  
Dudley Maudlin for the many handy-man jobs around the joint;  in particular for transforming a forlorn dunny into a cute restroom.  
Eddie Gambini, a local artist who has beautified our walls with paintings of Vietnamese scenes.  
Shane Fernandes our graphic artist who has generously offered his skills and time to create our menus and artwork.  
Above all a big thank you to you, our customer, without whose support the difference we make, would be impossible.  

2016:  Our trainee chefs have developed the confidence to find work in the industry.  Mission accomplished.   Thank you to all our patrons who supported this venture.