Meet Claudette
“The real magic of curries is what spice can do for you - it is both beneficial and a fascinating ingredient that I can never get enough of.”
No Worries Curries is not just a spice blend delivery service – it is a helping hand from Claudette D'Cruz, a passionate foodie with a rich Indian heritage that she is determined to share by making the authentic flavour of curries achievable for the time-poor home cook.  She says we believe in making good curries that everyone wants so that we don't have to make people want our blends.
Food entered Claudette's life a little late: she grew up in an orphanage in India, only tasting food with spice when her aunt took her out for visits. Studying and work as a teacher came next, leaving no time or space to learn to cook until marriage – and a hungry husband – provided the opportunity to develop her skills and cement her passion for spices.
The next milestone in her food life came when the family – now with two children – had moved to Australia. A friend needed help to raise funds for an orphanage she ran in Madras, so Claudette offered to run cookery classes. Not only was it a chance to support a worthy cause close to her heart, she could also share the food that had nourished and exhilarated her since those first tastes as a child.
Her students were equally delighted to learn to make such rich, authentic dishes, but were soon complaining to their teacher that they could not re-create the goodies at home – “there are too many spices, it takes too long; we will be cooking until 9pm!” 
How could Claudette not help, with food being as much about sharing as the pleasure of eating? In response, Claudette established No Worries Curries to take the stress and time out of 'proper' curry making, adding 'businesswoman” to her list of roles, including wife, mother and grandmother!
Now her life is so busy with her business, cooking duties in the D'Cruz household have fallen to her husband (unless someone special is coming to dinner). Raymond, her supportive husband, has high praise for his wife: “she loves a challenge; she's loving, caring, industrious and courageous”.
She is also committed to high quality and the importance of good food, and her food philosophy underpins every spice and every blend that No Worries Curries sends out.
Claudette says:
  • There are a million different ways to flavour food, but I believe the most beneficial is with spice. Spices have health benefits and have no calories attached.
  • Food should never be far from the tree on which it grew.
  • Food is very important; sharing it is even more so – we always sit at a table and eat our meals.  
Her favourite curry? “The Goan fish curry – it is delicious even without fish; just okra and raw mango!”