28 November 2016

Veg pack

Best curries ever! Best vegetarian mixes. Our fav dinners every time by far. Just got my last order package cannot wait to get cooking



24 October 2016

Goan Veg

My family LOVES the Goan Veggie Curry. I have made it exactly by the recipe on the back once and the second time added chicken. What a crowd pleaser! Can't wait to try the Malwani Chicken Curry on them tonight.



21 November 2015

Goan Chicken curry

My favourite spice blends to make curry from. Follow the instructions or do your own thing, but always guaranteed to be delicious. Trick your husband/family/friends and make them believe you actually know how to cook ;). Would recommend Xacuti Chicken blend!



20 November 2016


Picked up some products yesterday at the mind body spirit festival, they smell delicious! Can't wait to use them! Thanks for the help!

Top of Form


Bottom of Form



16 November 2016

Mangalorean Beef

Love these spice mixes. I bought 3 different ones from the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show and have loved them all. I'll definitely buy more! My husband raves about your Mangalorean beef curry. Thank you!



3 October 16


Love these spices..everbody goes back for seconds..no left overs at our place



7 November 2015

Kerala Chicken

This was my first attempt using No worries curries - & I was more than impressed; it was so easy to make and the result was fantastic. I've now made 3 different dishes and all have been excellent - better than I've had in most Indian Restaurants.



7 November 2015


Fantastic dish; I chose to do the chicken. I followed the recipe/method & it worked a treat. Better than what you'd get at a restaurant & so easy. You can add vegetables of your choice as well - I added green beans.



7 November 2015

Kashmiri Lamb

 I really enjoyed this dish; very flavoursome - although I had to make some judgements as the recipe/method were not quite explicit enough. I had the butcher chop the shoulder into 6-8 large pieces retaining the bone to add the flavour. I browned these large pieces & cooked it for about 2 hours (not the 1hour suggested) until it was tender enough & the bones were easy to pull away from the meat & then I cut the meat into smaller bite size pieces. Whllst the produce list mentioned onions; there was no explanation in the method; so I didn't use onions; it didn't seem to be missing anything.



8 October 2016


Love love love these products. No onion n garlic...its a dream. So helpful & friendly. Thank you for all the info today, it was lovely meeting the family behind the product. Keep on making beautiful flavoursome curry bases.



7 Nov 2016


Always a pleasure to cook with No Worries Curries spice blends... Love the recipes



6 November 2015


Found your curries at the Good Food and WIne show in Brisbane. I bought a couple of spice mixes to just try em out, and absolutely fell in love. The butter chicken is better than any of the spice mixes locally available, trust me, i've tried em all. The goan fish curry, dhal and korma spice mixes are some of my favourites and perfect for a high-protein, low-carb, healthy & organic diet. it's a shame that you're not local, however, I would like to see these products stocked at more health food / organic stores across Brisbane.



25 January 2016


Recently on a vacation to Melbourne visited the Makers Markets in Melbourne and picked up a packet of No worries curries Pakora Mix. Sprinkled some of the pakora mix on fish fillets that had been marinated with salt and lime juice. Fried the fish in hot oil and savoured the wonderful spicy flavours that take you back to India.



9 September 2015

Lentil & Sweet Potato

The bonus was that I only needed two dessert spoons so I can make it again a few times as the sachet is quite substantial! Was easy to make and tasted so fresh...the smell through the house was divine. Am here to order some others!



2 September 2015

Tikka Masala

This was an immediate favourite in my house. The taste is amazing, and it was so easy to make. I use coconut milk instead of cream just out of preference. Still included the yoghurt for the creaminess.



19 August 2015

Goan Fish/Prawn curry

This curry is delicious! Nicely spicy and depending on how much lemon you add, slightly sour. Amazing and really easy to make. Household favorite.



5 August 2015

Butter chicken

asy recipe to follow and was one of the nicest Butter Chickens we've all had for a while.



27 July 2015

Tikka Masala

This was by far one of the tastiest Tikka Masala's I've ever had. The recipe and instructions were easy to follow and the technique involved with grilling the chicken really gave the dish an authentic taste and appearance. Would recommend to anyone



13 July 2016

Butter chicken

Just made beautiful aromatic Butter Chicken so easy and so delicious everyone loved it..
So happy been wanting to learn how to make delicious curry but don't really have the time found No Worries Curries at Perth Good Food and Wine show awsome i just know this is going to become a stable in our home ..
Thanks heaps yummy :))



1 July 2015

Mangalorean Beef

Very very good! I love a HOT curry and this one actually managed to give me the forehead sweats which doesn't happen very often. If you like it hot, try this one out. Depending on your tolerance it might be best to keep any extra chillies on the side instead of mixing it in like I did :)



1 July 2015

Punjabi Lamb

The Punjabi Lamb was extremely tasty and I even managed to get a few 'non-Indian food' people to woof it down, large in taste but not spicy. Great for those sensitive taste buds



2 Feb 2015

Butter chicken

This recipe is so easy and was so tasty. My family has demanded that I order more product!!!



12 August 2013


After hearing about No Worries Curries catering for those who have issues with gluten and fructose I headed down to the Arts Centre Market today where I met the lady who makes it. Not only were she and her husband very cute and sweet but they were super helpful in helping me choose which packets would suit me best. I was told how much to put and what I could put, don't need to put or what I could substitute. I had a wonderful dinner tonight, but I still need to see how I feel tomorrow. But for now I have one very happy and full belly.... 

After more than 12 hours I am happy to report that I am symptom free.

Thank you so much because now I get to enjoy the curries again that I had to give up many years ago.



13 August 2012

Malwani Chicken

Hello! I ordered a bunch of vegetarian curry spices recently and was pleasantly surprised with a free extra 'Malwani Chicken' spice mix and a little handwritten recommendation to made the curry as a vegetarian version with eggplant. I just wanted to thank you for the recommendation, and for the surprise and for the quality of your product! I recently made a chicken and a eggplant version of this for a dinner party and got a round of applause! THANKS No Worries Curries!!! Xxx




10 May 2012

Baked Samosa

Oh My goodness!!!! I made the "Aloo Gobhi" last night, I then wrapped it up in some spring roll wrappers and ohlala... homemade samosas. DELICIOUS!!!! Easy dinner and just YUMMO!! Thanks Claudette.... Love your products!!!!



15 March 2012

Tikka Masala

I cooked this for the first time yesterday and it is divine. I had a friend call in who isn`t really a curry eater - gave her some and even she loved it !!!



5 Jan 2012

Tikka Masala

We recently bought the above curry from your stall at the Arts centre markets while on holidays. I could not wait to try it. And boy i was not disappointed. It was beautiful!! So much so, i have gone online today and bought 10 more packets of different curries to try I am hooked!! Thank you! and it is made even better that there is no artificail flavours, additives etc I feel like I am doing the right thing as a mum too!! thank you



5 July 2011

Kerala Fish curry

Tastes just like the curry from kerala! I have been there with my friend who comes from kerala, and it is SSOOOO authentic!! two thumbs up!



5 November 2010

Hurry curry

Yummm!! - & how easy!! - Made this recipe in the middle of outback Australia in a Camp Oven, (Added in some Sweet Potato & Carrots - for our Vege Quota) - & was a Huge Success!!! Everyone came back for seconds & thirds!!!!