Golden Egg Curry

This is comfort food at its best when you haven't done the groceries for tonight's dinner and all you have are eggs in the fridge and a few pantry staples.  

Our recipe for Golden Egg Curry will have your family fighting for the rights to the last egg.  As you bite into the hard-boiled eggs, your tastebuds will be pleasantly surprised by its juiciness, acquired as a result of the egg bathing in a coconut-ty and tomato concoction. 

Traditionally, in South India, eggs are boiled then deep fried before being added to the sauce.  If you are happy to go the extra mile you may deep fry the boiled eggs till golden crisp (we advise doing so) - the results are nothing short of amazing! However, we have given you a light and easy version.

Prepare: Place 8 eggs in a saucepan of cold water.  Boil on medium heat for 10 minutes.  Drain hot water.  When cool, shell the eggs then cut in halves and set aside.

Sauté:  Heat 3 dessertspoons oil in a pan, add 1 small chopped onion and fry till golden brown. Add 1 heaped teaspoon crushed garlic (or 1 fat , fresh,  garlic clove), 2 level tablespoons Lentil & Sweet Potato spice (or our Hurry Curry spice) and 1 cup water. Stir fry this mixture on gentle heat till the water evaporates and the spices smell fragrant.  Now add 2 chopped tomatoes.  Fry on gentle heat for 2 minutes then add  200 ml coconut milk and 1 cup water,  2 teaspoons veggie salt and 1 teaspoon sugar.  Bring this mixture to the boil, then gently slide in the previously boiled eggs and ½ cup yoghurt (room temperature).   Simmer for 5 minutes.

Finish:  Garnish with 2 dessertspoons fresh chopped coriander leaves and serve with rotis or rice.


Egg Curry

Image: @cookilicious