RICE - Sanaas

  • Heat oven to 50 degrees
  • Mix 200ml warm water (20 secs in the microwave) with 2 teaspoons dry yeast and 2 level tablespoons sugar
  • Set aside till it starts to froth
  • When ready add 400ml coconut milk and 2 cups rice flour to the yeast mixture
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Turn off oven
  • Place rice mixture in warm oven and turn on the timer for 40 minutes (if you leave it in longer you will get a fermented taste).
  • In the meantime, oil moulds (usually vaatis are used for this but you can use egg poaching cups or an idli steamer.  Another option is to use any shallow pie dish make and slice into wedges when serving)
  • When the timer goes off, stir in 1 /2 cup desiccated coconut and 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Steam for 20 minutes

Best served fresh, but these tasty rice cakes lend themselves to being frozen.