RECIPES - Sweets


(makes 12)

These delicate pancakes are a delight, especially on Shrove Tuesday which signals the end of all treats for 40 days.  As you can tell, I was brought up in a strict Catholic household.

You do not need a pancake mix for this simple but delicious treat, just a little time and lots of love.

1.  Beat together 2 eggs with 1/2 teaspoon salt  and 1 teaspoon sugar.  Add in 3 cups of water and slowly blend in 2 cups of plain flour.  

2.  Heat a 20 cm (8") pan.  

3.  To fry the pancakes use very little oil.  (We usually cut a potato in half, skewer with a fork and drip into oil then smear the pan with the oiled potato).  

4.  Use a soup ladle to pour in batter.  Turn the pan around, simultaneously, so the pan is coated evenly with the batter.

5.  You only need a few seconds to cook these - once you see a few air holes appearing flip to cook the other side.

6.  Use all the batter and stack the pancakes to be filled later.

1.  De-husk 5 green cardamom pods.  Grind these seeds and empty into a medium mixing bowl.  To this add 312 g. freshly grated coconut and 2 tablespoons grated palm sugar
 (the Goan palm sugar is dark like coffee but you can use whatever is available).

Lay a pancake on a plate then place about 2 tablespoons of filling, lenghwise, in the centre.  Roll like a cigar.

Enjoy as a mid afternoon snack or a dessert with tangy stewed fruit.