RECIPE - Tomato Rice


Tomatoes are a common souring agent used in the earlier stages of preparing a dish. They add subtle tartness to the dish and are used to thicken up curries as well.

Our recipe for tomato rice is very easy to prepare because it mainly uses pantry ingredients. Feel free to add some frozen vegetables or use up those veggies forgotten in the depths of your crisper. If you have fussy (grand)children, then the dish as it is stands well as a simple meal. 

It is a perfect dish for summer because it is quick, light and you can dress it up with a raita or some raw veggies on the side. You can also make it work for cooler months by serving it alongside a spicy pickle, any vegetable dish or some papads.

SAUTE:  Heat a heavy based pot, then add 4 tablespoons ghee/oil and 1 large chopped onion; fry till golden brown.  Add 400g fresh or canned tomatoes,  a cinnamon quill about 3 cms long, 1 tsp grated garlic and 2 clove buds.   Cover and cook for about 5 minutes till the tomatoes are jammy.

Now add 2 cups (washed) Basmati rice,  3 ½ cups freshly boiled hot water (slightly less than double the rice), and 2 teaspoons veggie salt.  Turn up the heat and bring the water to a rolling boil.  Cover and reduce the heat to a minimum.  Simmer for 10 minutes; when the timer rings turn off the heat.
SERVE:   Leave to sit for 10 minutes – DO NOT OPEN THE DISH TILL READY TO SERVE.

When ready to serve, garnish with fresh mint or dill.


Tomato Rice