KANJI (Punjabi Probiotic Drink)

This is a Punjabi probiotic drink although it is never referred to as such.  It is served in winters (with the addition of mustard) and in hot summers and aids digestion.

Note:  Make sure you have sterilised jars, spoons etc as you do not want your drink tainted with microbes.

  1. Wash, then peel 4 carrots (400g) and 1 large beet (200g). 
  2. Chop into 3 inch/7cm  batons
  3. Crush 1 tsp mustard seeds (in winter only - as this is a warming spice, also you might not like the taste) in a mortar and pestle
  4. Pour 1.5 litres water (previously boiled and cooled) and stir in 1 tbsp sea salt into a glass pickle jar.
  5. Now add the prepared carrots, beet and mustard.
  6. Leave on a sunny kitchen bench/garden table* covered with muslin.
  7. Stir with a wooden spoon everyday and taste
  8. When it has a tangy flavour - about 3 days - the drink is fermented
  9. Strain and store in the fridge.  Drink daily in small quantities.

The left-over vegetables can be used in a raiita or a curry.

*if you leave it in the sun it should be ready in a day