This recipe comes to you from my good friend Audrey who learnt the art of making these flaky curry puffs from her grandmother. You will spend a few hours doing it so nice to have a natter over it.  Our advice is to have a friend to make them with. 

Firstly, make the filling the previous night. Helps to have this ready and cool before you start to make the pastry.  This batch makes 60 so we did 500g of meat mince filling and 500g of vegetarian filling.  Use any spice but make sure the mixture is dry. 

The process involves 2 doughs:

  1. The water dough  Mix together: 3 cups plain flour 1 tsp salt 1 egg and about 1 cup water (add ¾ cup and then as you need). Knead till smooth.  Then divide into equal sized 30 balls.
  1. The butter dough  Mix together 4 cups plain flour 250g softened butter or Copha. Do not over work.  Then divide into equal sized 30 balls.



Step 1:  Flatten out 1 ball of the water dough then enclose 1 ball of the butter dough.  





Step 2:  Form into a smooth ball.




Step 3:  Roll out lengthwise, about 6 inches.




Step 4:  Roll it like a swiss roll




Step 5:  Once you roll it like it a swiss roll put the seam side facing the bottom and roll out again so that it is long flat like the picture above.



Step 6:  Roll it like a swiss roll again for the second time.




Step 7:  Now, cut the swiss roll into 2 halves (you will see a cross section of concentric circles).



Step 8:  Flatten out each half then fill and seal. You will now see the beautiful concentric circles in the pastry.


Deep fry, preferably in Grape Seed oil (high smoking point), till golden.   Serve with any dipping sauce of your choice.

They freeze well. Reheat when required180C for 15 minutes.