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Press Kit for No Worries Curries

Aromatic, authentic, Australian curry blends

Craving a delicious, authentic curry at home but think it will be too stressful to make? You clearly haven’t heard of No Worries Curries! This online store sells fresh spice blends for a wide range of Indian and Asian dishes, specifically designed to help the enthusiastic cook create wonderful curries at home without hassle – with no worries!  

Established in 2007, No Worries Curries provides a wide range of neat, handy spice blends, all carefully crafted from freshly grounded spices. Choose your meat or vegetarian option, and then browse the wide range of curries, from the traditional classics and much-loved favourites to the more unusual and interesting options you may not have even heard of! If you’re stuck, why not try founder Claudette’s favourite, the Goan Fish Curry? Sometimes she has it without the fish, using okra and raw mango instead!

As the name suggests, each curry is ‘no worries’ for the cook. The blends come with clear instructions for use and suggested recipes – simply add the blend to meat or vegetables and the delicious authentic tastes are yours! Such deliciousness relies on a high-quality product. Claudette uses the best available ingredients, all of which are Fairtrade and sourced from Australia whenever possible.

Even better, there are no additives or preservatives, salt or fillers incorporated into the blends, and all are gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians. Packaging is kept to a minimum to prevent unnecessary waste and customers are encouraged to dispose of packets in a thoughtful way to protect the environment.  

The support doesn’t stop when the spice blend is delivered through the door. The No Worries Curries website is a treasure trove of advice, alternative recipes, intriguing tips and some background information on the blends’ medicinal benefits. Yes, curry doesn’t just taste good, it’s good for the body too! No wonder Australia is going crazy for No Worries Curries!

The woman behind the blends

For Claudette d’Cruz, spices are so much more than a business idea – they are a taste of love. Brought up in an orphanage in India, Claudette first tasted food made with spices when her Aunt took her out for visits, serving her delicious meals that transformed the young girl’s palate and her heart.

Years later and settled in Australia, Claudette was able to share her love through spices when feeding her own children, and then introduced her students to the flavours when she started running cookery classes to help raise funds for an orphanage in Madras.

Perhaps the taste of love grew too addictive for her students – we can’t find the right blends for cooking at home, they lamented to Claudette. There are too many spices, so cooking curries takes too long!

Claudette had the solution; she would create the blends for them herself to ensure every home cook could enjoy the authentic taste of Indian and Asian curries with ease, sharing the love with their own families and friends. No Worries Curries was an experiment to see if the rest of Australia would be interested in some easy but authentic spicy soul food – and they are!

Company facts

Established in 2007 by Claudette d’Cruz.

Based in Sydney, Australia, with delivery available across the country and worldwide.

There are 42 blends available, with blends for beef, lamb, chicken, goat, pork, seafood and vegetables.

Blends come in three levels of intensity: mild, medium and hot. These are clearly identified before buying and marked on the packet.


Contact details

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