NO WORRIES CURRIES CLUB - $50 a year subscription

Thank you for buying our curries recently.  We appreciate your support.


As a customer of our product, we are interested in making it easier for you to source our delicious curries.


We have tried distribution in various states of Australia and find it difficult from many viewpoints.   We have therefore decided to give you, the customer, the opportunity to source our product at a cheaper price than the stores and even our website.


So here’s the subscription plan:


For an annual subscription of $50, we will post out 8 curries of your choice


(Given that our curries sell for $6.95 and postage is $8.50 this equates to a saving of 22%)


But wait there’s more…


If you want your subscription for free, simply refer 5 friends. Once they sign up your curries are free as long as they are still subscribing.


We are sure you know the value of our curries but just in case you need to convince your friends, here is a teaser that you can email them:







Join the No Worries Curries Club for delicious rewards and endless* curry!


Does the thought of a home-made curry send you salivating but stressing? Do you crave an aromatic meal but struggle with spices?


Don’t stress; join the No Worries Curry Club (NWCC) for delicious dinners, freebies and much more!


For just $50 a year, NWCC members get 8 sachets of No Worries Curries spice blends hopping through their letterbox each year to ensure dinner is smooth to prepare and divine to devour.


No Worries Curries spice blends are all hand blended and carefully balanced to provide a deep and aromatic flavour to your curry without the stress of shopping, measuring, roasting, grinding and mixing. Each pack comes with clear, simple instructions on what to add (meat or vegetables, or both!) and how to transform your blend into a steaming, gloriously spicy curry to bring smiles to the faces of the whole household.


The spice blends make large portions – ideal for feeding the family or for filling the freezer so you can enjoy your curry again…and again. Alternatively, invite all your friends over for a feast! Not only will you earn good friend brownie points, if your meal persuades 5 friends to sign up to the NWCC you enjoy your subscription free.


Versatility is the key with the No Worries Curries spice blends, so don’t feel limited to curry when it comes to using your spice sachets.


Eat Rogan Josh one night, and then use the leftover blend, another evening, for an aubergine, apricot and kidney bean stew! You can turn a Goan Fish curry blend into a delicious coconut noodle soup, while your Tikka Masala can be reincarnated as spicy vegetable pulau. These and many more useful alternative recipes are printed on the new packets of the spice blend so you don’t even have to be creative – it really is No Worries!


Need any more incentives? Members of the No Worries Curries Club enjoy free postage and save 22% at least on the annual subscription.


Read all about the full range of blends and sign up to the No Worries Curries Club on the website so your stress-free spice adventure can begin!  


*8 curries a year, but the possibilities are endless!

** get 5 friends to sign up and enjoy a year free!