DRINKS - Falooda

This was the drink of our dreams as kids.  It was an occasional treat whenever we were taken shopping to the city.  In essence it is a milkshake but it's not any milkshake - it is the queen of them all.  Enriched with a velvety rose syrup and sweet basil seeds, this is a drink that satisfies the body and soul. Serve as a pick me up on a hot day when you are not in the mood for a warm meal.


Image: Chris Chen



  1. Prepare a Strawberry Jelly according to packet instructions in a shallow box so that you can cut out into 1 cm squares when it has set.  This step is optional.
  2. Soak 2 tsps Basil seedsin 1/2 cup water about half an hour before you want to assemble this drink.  When ready to you use strain out the water and reserve the seeds.
  3. In a tall glass pour in  1 cup cold milk
  4. Then drizzle in 4 tbsp Rose Syrup** (if you like a cloudy look like we do) or you can simply stir the syrup into the milk so it turns into a bright pink colour.
  5. Now add the previously soaked basil seeds
  6. Top it with 2 tbsp of the chopped strawberry jelly (optional)
  7. Now for the crowning glory - a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Eat gingerly and watch the heat take a backseat as you get transported to heaven :)

NOTE:  In India, about 1/4 cup of cooked fine vermicelli is placed in the bottom of the glass before the milk is poured in.

*available in any Indian grocery store known as Sabja Seeds or Tukamaria - you will find this seeds is used in other Indian cooling drinks like Shikanjvi (Indian Lemonade).

** also available at an Indian grocery store