Carom Seed (Ajwain)

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CAROM SEEDS (Ajwain) Raw ajwain smells almost exactly like thyme but it is more aromatic and stronger in taste – slightly bitter and pungent.  Like most spices, it has the benefit of flavour and health benefits.

Ajwain is used in batter fried fish in Punjab and in a type of roti called ‘ajwain ka paratha’ It is also used in snack foods in the North and South of India.  It is also added to Chai as a digestive element.

Other Uses 
It is used to cure digestive problems – in India it is soaked in water and the water is used like a gripe water for babies.  The seeds are used in several other home remedies that treat cuts and wounds (thymol is a germicide).  People often soak in a bath with carom seeds to relieve arthritic pains.  It is also said to reverse greying hair!