Our Recipe Archives

We are always busy cooking in the No Worries Curries kitchen. 

Though our pots and pans show signs of ageing, our stove-tops are stained with stubborn marks and there is a slight leak to our tap (we are on to it), the meals we create from our home kitchen cannot rival the taste of any Michelin starred restaurant! Why? Because they are cooked at home with the most vital ingredient added without measure - LOVE.

Love for our children and grandchildren who are nurtured on our food and who will grow into strong adults. Love for our partners without whom we cannot traverse this life. Love for our relatives and friends who provide us with the support network we need.

And it is with love that we share our traditions and culture with you too - our community of friends and supporters. We hope that our recipes will not only inspire you to explore the diversity, tradition and richness of Indian cuisine, but also get you to have as much fun in the kitchen as you can!