Coriander Seeds

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CORIANDER (Dhania) Coriander seeds have a warm, nutty, almost citrus-like aroma.  In America it is referred to as cilantro.

Culinary Use

All parts of this plant, the roots, stem and leaves are edible. The roots have a more intense flavour and are used in Chinese and Thai cuisines. The seeds are used in Indian curries. The seed is sometimes roasted and eaten as a snack called ‘dhana dhal’. It used in sausages in Germany. Ground coriander seeds lose their aroma quickly and is best ground fresh.   The leaves taste different from the seeds and are used in Indian chutneys, dhals and curries. The Mexicans use them in salsas and guacamole. They are a vital ingredient in Thai salads and soups.

Other Uses

Coriander has been used as a folk medicine for the relief of anxiety and insomnia by Iranians. In India they are used in a diuretic – equal amounts of coriander and cum seeds are boiled then cooled. The strained liquid is then drunk to aid digestion.