Celery (seeds)

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Celery seeds come from wild celery which is much stronger than the conventional celery you see at the supermarket.  It is often mixed with salt (2 parts salt to 1 part celery seeds) and sold as Celery salt in the supermarkets.  


Celery seeds taste a lot like the stalk of the celery plant but a bit bitter, so,  go easy.  They are used as a flavouring either whole or ground - whole in pickling and baked goods and ground in spice blends.  Like celery, the seeds pair well with tomatoes and are used in several commercial products:  BBQ sauce, Bloody Mary mixes, Old Bay Seasoning and Tomato Ketchup.  

Other Uses

The potent oil from these seeds is also used in the perfume industry.  Celery seeds have been used in Eastern Herbal traditions like Ayurveda to relieve joint pain.  Celery juice from the plant has been promoted on a 'detoxification' regime.   However, remember it belongs in the group that provokes severe allergic reactions.   Caution as the allergen does not appear to disappear after cooking.

PS - we do not add celery seeds to our blends.